01. In my culture, we [pray] to our ancestors every day.
02. The old woman went to church to [pray] for a miracle.
03. He is a practising Muslim, and [prays] five times a day.
04. Everyone in the church bowed down their heads in [prayer].
05. The government has passed a law abolishing [prayer] in public schools.
06. The people in the church [prayed] for the souls of the children killed in the fire.
07. On Chinese New Year's Eve, people go to the temple to [pray] for their ancestors and for good fortune.
08. Muslims face towards Mecca when they gather together for [prayer].
09. Swami Sivananda once observed that hands that help are holier than lips that [pray].
10. When there is imminent danger, many people [pray] to God.
11. In Serbia, every Christian family has a patron saint which they [pray] to for protection.
12. Although they regularly [prayed] and attended church, historians say that the people of the fifteenth century gave priority to worldly matters.
13. Muslims must purify their bodies by washing before [prayers] can begin.
14. He sat in the rear of the church, his hands clasped in [prayer].
15. The natives [prayed] to their gods for help in their fight against their enemies.
16. August 13 through 16 is a Buddhist event called o-bon in Japan, a period of [praying] for the peace of the souls of ancestors.
17. The Muslim practice of [praying] five times each day is strictly observed in Pakistan.
18. John Bunyan once noted that the best [prayers] have often more groans than words.
19. Meister Eckhart once stated that if the only [prayer] you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice.
20. The faithful crowded into the temple to [pray] to their gods for rain to water their dry fields.
21. Many people in Korea [pray] for the day when the North and South are once again unified into a single nation.
22. I'm just [praying] that we get some rain before too long so that the forests don't get too dry.
23. A Chinese proverb notes that making a net is better than [praying] for fish at the edge of the water.
24. There is a Yiddish proverb which states that an angry man is not fit to [pray].
25. A Chinese proverb notes that people fool themselves. They [pray] for a long life but fear old age.
26. A German proverb advises, "The fewer the words, the better the prayer."
27. A Jamaican proverb suggests that [prayer] only from the mouth is no [prayer].
28. A Japanese proverb states that the gods just laugh when men [pray] to them for wealth.
29. Reggae star Bob Marley sang, "If you get down and quarrel everyday, you're saying [prayers] to the devil, I say."
30. Nelia White once said that some people just don't seem to realize when they're moaning about not getting [prayers] answered that "no" is the answer.
31. Sathya Sai Baba once said, "Your duty is to [pray] for the welfare of the world, and to work for it as far as it lies in your power."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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